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Before you flame me for being so brash as to provide a list of caves that do not exist in Utah, please take a moment and read this wonderful commentary from Jon Jasper on the topic...

“The point is not to have lists for cavers or recreationalists, the point is to have lists to improve the professional approach to protect and preserve cave resources.  We, as grotto members, government employees, or concerned citizens, should be interested in educating the public to doing the right actions to preserve these resources – even when it means publicly relieving cave locations.

Jon JasperWhat are the main detrimental effects threatening Utah caves?  Is it high visitation?  Or is it lack of proper management?  Is it the lack of knowledge of random visitors?  Or it is the lack of education we provide to those visitors?  There are times where secrecy is the best form of preservation, but as decades pass it will only be the well managed caves that will be saved. 

The best solution is to achieve appreciation through education.  We need to expand the numbers of those willing to protect caves without expanding the risks to the caves.  Is this an impossible idea?  The key is expanding our own view of caves.  Most all of us start with the recreational view of caves.  We rape the resource for a bit of enjoyment.  We need to turn our views to achieving enjoyment by restoring the resource.  We need to see ourselves moving away from being a part of the problem and becoming part of the solution.  We need to be more active in the management of caves.  Collectively, we need – dare I use the overused phrase – graduate from being “Spelunkers” and become responsible “Cavers.” 

What does this mean about cave lists?  The information about caves needs to be preserved to prevent injustice to cave resources.   Hiding caves only delays problems.  We need to be professional and demand the governing agencies to be professional about managing their resources.  We do not need to openly share cave lists.  But we, even if separately, should have lists prepared for when sudden action is needed.  For example, in Southern Kentucky a new highway is being proposed.  In a state where the creation of lists has been always fought, lists are being created in hopes that they can divert the path of the highways and save cave resources.  Someday we may be called upon to do the same.  We need to learn to stand up to our shadows and do what needs to be done – work together and be sure that the caves our properly managed.” Jon Jasper

With that thought in mind, here is a partial list of some of the caves that do not exist in Utah. No further information is shared publicly about them or their location on this website. Those that want to know more should join the grottos.

Antelope Springs Cave
Baker Creek Cave System
Basket Cave
Big Bend Cave
Big Brush Creek Cave
Black Creek Pit
Black Water
Bloomington Cave
Blowhole Cave
BLT Cave
Blue Owl - Gold Mine
Bobcat Cave
Bowers Lava Tube
Candlelight Cave
Canteen Springs Cave
Cave of Appeasement
Chutes & Ladders Cave
Cobweb Cave
Crevasse Cave
Crystal Cave
Crystal Ball Cave
Dead Mans Cave
Deer Skull Cave
Discovery Cave
Devils Den
Dutchmans Cave
Duck Creek Lava Tube
Eldel Cave
Fenceline Cave
First Wife Cave
Flashlight Pit
Flashmans Cave
Gandy Mountain Cave
Gollums Cave

Grasshopper Cave
Grand Wash Cave
Green Eyed Monster
Heavens Gate
Hobo Hideout Cave
Horse Cave
Hourglass Cave
Ice Cave
Indian Burial Cave
Interstate Cave
Jem Hill
Lazy River
Lehman Caves
Little Brush Creek Cave
Little Muddy Cave
Logan Cave
Lost Pit
Lucifers Lair
Main Drain Cave
Mammoth Cave Lava Tube
Model Cave
Monte Carlo Cave
Mortuit Cave
Mouse Trap Cave
M-T Pit
Neffs Cave
North Fork Cave
Nutty Putty Cave
Oak City Cave
October Gyp Cave
Old Mans Cave
Parks Ranch Cave
Piquiquna Cave
Polje Cave

Polygamy Cave
Premonition Cave
Rabbit Trap Cave
Rattlesnake Cave
Red Baron Cave
Resort Cave
Ringtail Caverns
Rock Springs Cave
Saffordite Cave
Scottish Trap Cave
Sheep Creek Cave
Silly Putty Cave
Skin & Bones Cave
Snake Creek Cave
Snow Canyon Lava Tubes #1
Snow Canyon Lava Tubes #2
Snow Canyon Lava Tubes #3
Snow Canyon Lava Tubes #4
Snow Canyon Lava Tubes #5
Spanish Moss Cave
Squirrel Springs Cave
Stoneplug Cave
Surveyors Cave
Systems Key
Tea Cup
Timpanogos Cave
Toothbrush Cave
Tri-At Cave
Upper Cave
Wheelers Deep Great Basin
Whipple Cave
Whiterocks Cave
Wiggles Corner-Post Cave
Wolverine Mine Cave

DISCOVERING UTAH CAVES - By Jon Jasper - This is a must view presentation.


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